CGX Montreal is thrilled to present a two day event focusing on Entrepreneurs & Positive Leadership

Hogwarts (aka Club Atwater)
October 21-22, 2017

Included over the course of CGX Montreal will be:

  • Two day track of 35 of the most successful studio founders sharing everything on starting and running a studio
  • A free mini expo showing off 20 of the coolest games on the local market
  • Saturday haunted cocktail party (Classy Indie… It’s a movement)
  • Day two will consist of a Mentor Lounge, Portfolio Reviews, and expert sessions

Attendees will leave armed with valuable information to start and run their own studio! How to fund, market, hire, and sell successfully are all topics that will be covered over the weekend! On top of that, you will have the chance to have your work reviewed, meet with mentors, and learn expert tools from the best in the business.

Only 100 conference tickets available for this fantastic chance to learn and expand your skillset to create your own studio and learning how to best perform the day to day tasks to run it to the best it can be!


Meet some of our valued speakers

Samantha Cook

Co-founder & Producer @ Artifact 5

Martin Carrier

CEO @ Frima Studio

Louis-Felix Cauchon

President @ Borealys Games

    Mike Mood

    Co-Founder @ TheMeatly Games

    Kim Pasquin

    General Manager @ Nvizzio Créations Inc.

      Philippe Morin

      Co-Founder @ Red Barrels

        Julian Maroda

        President/Co-Founder @ Norsfell

        BEN KANE

        Co-Founder @ Steel Crate Games

        Pat Mondou

        Creative Director @ Borealys Games

          Richard Atlas

          CEO & Game Designer @ Clever Endeavour Games

          Jason Nuyens

          Founder @ Breakfall

          Jim Squires

          Co-Founder @ Rocketship Park

          Jongwoo Kim

          Co-Founder & Gameplay Programmer @ Kitfox Games

          Guillaume Provost

          Founder & Creative Dude @ Compulsion

            Julian Maroda

            President & Co-Founder @ Norsfell

              Jean-Sylvain Sormany

              President @ Snowed in Studios

                Osama Dorias

                Senior Game Designer @ Warner Bros.

                Yves Bordeleau

                General Manager @ Rogue Factor

                Rebecca Johnston

                Owner @ ColonyVR

                Shane Mccafferety

                Co-Founder @ Rocketship Park

                JILLIAN MOOD

                CEO @ Jillian Mood & Partners

                Ken Seto

                Co-Founder & CEO @ Massive Damage

                  Louis-Rene Auclair

                  Jeremy McCurdy

                  Game Development Manager @ REDspace

                    Greg Sewart

                    Director of Game Production @ The REDspace


                      Meet some of our valued mentors

                      Rebecca Cohen-Palacios

                      UI Developer/Artist @ Ubisoft Montreal

                      Geoff Ellenor

                      Game Director @ Warner Bros. Montreal

                      Pat Redding

                      Creative Director @ Warner Bros. Montreal

                      Fleur Marty

                      Producer @ Eidos Montreal

                      Guillaume Charrin

                      Lead Animator @ Ludia

                      Jason Nuyens

                      Founder @ Breakfall

                      Mike Keogh

                      Sound Designer @ Breakfall

                      Jon Keon

                      Partner @ Karman Interactive

                      Kim Pasquin

                      General Manager @ Nvizzio Créations Inc.

                        Ken Hall

                        CEO/Creative Director @ 2Dogs Games Ltd.

                        BEN KANE

                        Co-Founder @ Steel Crate Games

                        Corina Diaz

                        PR/Marketing @ Lightning Rod Games

                        Jason Renaud

                        Co-Founder/CEO @ Trois Pixel Inc.

                        Benoit Lacroix

                        3D Art Director @ Trois Pixel Inc.

                        Bruno Afonseca

                        3D, VFX, Tech Artist @ Minority Media Inc.

                        May Ling Tan

                        Game Designer @ EA Motive

                        Regis Geoffrion

                        Founder @ Red London Games

                          Ray Gould

                          Sound Designer @ Soundkamera

                          Nicolas Eypert

                          UX Director @ Reflector Entertainment Ltd.

                          David Fugere-Lamarre

                          Co-Founder/CEO @ Illogika

                          Jill Murray

                          President @ Discoglobe Interactive Inc.


                          Hurry up and get your tickets while they are available
                          9:00-9:30 AM
                          Swimming with Sharks! (How to thrive as an independent studio!)

                          The Quebec gaming ecosystem has been dominated by large studios for 20 years. How can smaller, independent studios live long and prosper in this environment? Martin Carrier, formerly Ubisoft and WB Games and former President of AllianceNumérique, now CEO of Frima in Quebec City has experienced both sides of the equation. He will share some learnings from his 20 years of swimming lessons.

                          MARTIN CARRIER, CEO @ Frima Studio

                          This talk is the sequel to my talk, "Starting a Career in Games When You Literally Know Nothing". With absolutely no experience in business you can use common sense and google to guide you towards your success.

                          MIKE MOOD, Co-Founder @ TheMeatly Games

                          If I had known two years ago what I know now about starting a studio, would I have done it in the first place? When you set out on a journey, the basics are easy: assemble a diverse team, get a map of where you want to travel, and equip yourselves for "anything" (or so you think). However, once you meet your first obscure oracle and have fought your way through a goblin camp, you might start to see your party and goals a little differently. This talk will address unforseen challenges and their opportunities and consequences. Where you end up at the end of your journey is rarely what you expect at the beginning.

                          SAMANTHA COOK, Co-founder & Producer @ Artifact 5

                          From game jam to IGF award winner, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has been an adventure in game development. For the first title from a new company, working in a new medium to boot, there were plenty of lessons to be learned. Come hear about what went right, what went wrong, and how we're making the transition from "game" to "studio".

                          BEN KANE, Co-Founder @ Steel Crate Games

                          Stay tuned for more information!

                          LOUIS-RENÉ AUCLAIR

                          Games rarely finish the way you start them, and Block Droppin’ was no exception. Across numerous iterations and revisions, what started as a game in a completely different genre eventually grew and morphed into a fast-paced arcade puzzler. Rocketship Park’s Shane McCafferty and Jim Squires will discuss the evolution of an idea, the importance of giving a project room to grow, and other lessons learned from both the development and launch of Block Droppin’ and their first year together as a company.

                          SHANE McCAFFERTY, Co-Founder @ Rocketship Park and JIM SQUIRES, Co-Founder @ Rocketship Park

                          Growing your team is a constant balancing act, especially when great opportunities are heading your way. Finding the sweet spot is always about trade-offs and company street smarts: the when, who, and how of signing projects and hiring employees. Kim Pasquin reflects on the lessons learned from Nvizzio’s growth and how to make it big, thoughtfully.

                          KIM PASQUIN, General Manager @ Nvizzio Créations Inc.

                          Since its founding in 2010, Snowed In Studios grew from the original 5 co-founders to a financially successful studio of 30 developers and is still growing. In this talk, Jean-Sylvain, the president of the studio will tell it's story, from founding a studio simply out of an opportunity, the bumpy road of the beginnings to the stable multi-million company it is now and sharing the lesson learn and some of its vision on combining service and development of IP.

                          JEAN-SYLVAIN SORMANY, President @ Snowed in Studios

                          With a tight budget and a deadline, it's sometimes hard to let go of an idea or a feature that we'd want in our game. Finding additional budget in order to develop such extras makes it very tempting, but going along with it is a double-edged sword. This talk explains how upscoping Mages of Mystralia impacted (either positively or negatively) the game's production, innovation, media coverage, reception, profitability and overall enjoyability.

                          PATRIC MONDOU, Creative Director @ Borealys) and LOUIS-FÉLIX CAUCHON, CEO & Executive Producer @ Borealys

                          Your game was a financial success, now what? How do you grow without losing your identity as a game developer? How do you evaluate what’s a good opportunity versus a waste of time and money? In this talk, I will discuss what Red Barrels has been through since the release of our game Outlast and what we’ve learned from our mistakes. Growing isn’t easy, especially when it isn’t necessary.

                          PHILIPPE MORIN, Co-Founder @ Red Barrels

                          A panel featuring a variety of studio heads covering the ins and outs of starting a studio and building from the ground up. What to do, what not to do, and the challenges and lessons from the path of creating a studio.

                          JONGWOO KIM, Co-Founder & Gameplay Programmer @ Kitfox Games. JILLIAN MOOD, CEO @ Jillian Mood & Partners, GUILLAUME PROVOST, Founder @ Compulsion, JULIAN MORADA, President & Co-Founder @ Norsfell, and RICHARD ATLAS, CEO & Game Designer @ Clever Endeavour Games
                          9:30-10:00 AM
                          Marketer to Maker: Designing through the dual lenses of advertising & product

                          Speaking from a unique perspective of leading design across digital brand advertising for clients (at Fuel) and long term game/app development as part of internal teams (at Funzio and Mind Candy). Some insights on how each industry can learn from the other.

                          RAM KANDA, Partner & Head of Design @ Karman Interactive

                          The panel from varied creative fields in the games industry will be asked to share real life tools and mindsets that help get them in the flow of creativity, and also tips to unlock ourselves when we feel stuck or out of "ideas". They will also share some references of general creative processes that can be used for game design/conceptions.

                          NICHOLAS EYPERT, UX Director @ Reflector Entertainment Ltd., REBECCA COHEN-PALACIOUS, UI Developer/Artist @ UBIsoft Montreal, OSAMA DORIAS, Senior Game Designer @ Warner Bros., BRENT GEORGE, Animation Director @ Eidos, GUILLAUME CHARRIN, Lead Animator @ Ludia

                          Ever thought "I always wanted to get started with shaders but they're a bit scary"? Or how about "I don't even know what a shader is"? Well you've come to the right place! We go over some shader examples with little to no code, and show how they can be both a fun and easy way to level up your game's visuals.

                          JASON NUYENS, Founder @ Breakfall

                          Developing for VR is a voyage of discovery, requiring innovative ways of approaching gameplay, design and interaction. This panel will explore the gritty details from designing UI approaches, creating identities and characters to implementing new audio technologies. Fuelled by robust experience, there will be a realistic discussion on how VR game development is landing with diverse players and what the next hurdles are.

                          REBECCA JOHNSTON, Owner @ ColonyVR, RAY GOULD, Sound Designer @ Soundkamera, JEREMY MCCURDY, Game Development Manager @ REDspace, JAY ROSENKRANTZ, Founder @ Mortov Co, SEBASTIEN NADEAU, Head of Technology @ Breaking Walls Studio

                          Windows Mixed Reality opens a window into the virtual world, right from Windows Desktop. This new platform enables developers to create rich, immersive experiences, using a variety of supported headsets. In this talk, you will learn about how you can get started developing for Windows Mixed Reality. We will discuss the device and platform technologies. We will walk through the emerging development trends and look at some resources that can help kick-start your development journey.

                          MICKEY MACDONALD, Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft

                          The REDspace games team is a cross functional group that excels at delivering well made content under tight restrictions. Over the years, we’ve been experimenting with our processes and structure to have a team that works better and happier. In this talk, you will learn about how our team processes and structure have changed over the years and get you started on a path to improve your team.

                          GREG SEWART, Director of Game Production @ REDspace

                          REDspace builds games and companion apps for clients that tie in with television shows. Since we need to launch alongside those shows, we have hard deadlines that can’t be missed. Our clients also have very specific requirements. This means that you need a team that can produce high quality work on time, and do it consistently! In this talk, you will learn about our process and how we deliver great content on time while avoiding crunch.

                          JEREMY MCCURDY, Games Development Manager @ REDspace

                          Industry leaders give one on one mentoring sessions on all areas of game dev! Mentees will meet with four mentors, each in areas relating to topics of their choice, including running a studio, career advice, game design, business development, and tech/creative specific questions. Be a part of the Mentor Movement! Apply to be mentored here: Portfolio Reviews: Part of the Mentor event will be portfolio reviews! Come armed with your work or game and get ALL of the feedback from successful leaders wanting to help make your career even more amazing!

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                          • Club Atwater
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                          • October 21-22, 2017 from 10am - 5pm.